We believe everyone is a chef, and challenge our team to incorporate sprouts creatively!

Blueberry cream cheese bagel with China Red Radish sprouts.  Looks colorful and tastes even better.  The kick of the radish sprouts mixes well with the blueberry cream cheese.  Well worth a try.

Tomato soup, feta cheese and Daikon Radish Sprouts.  The sprouts stay crunchy in the soup and add a great flavor.  The sprouts add the substance and crunch crackers normally would while saving on the carbs.  Plus they don't get soggy!

Spruce up any garden salad with Daikon Radish Sprouts!  They add a great radish flavor and lots of crunch.  Classic!

Let's admit it, sometimes a bowl of ramen hits the spot.  Feel less guilty about it by adding some sprouts.  The radish sprout's spice and crunch definitely elevate any ramen dish.

We would love to feature your original dishes!  Please email us some pictures and recipes.