The Potomac Sprout Company is dedicated to setting the best practice standards for sprouting.  Everything we do is geared towards bringing the highest quality sprouts to the market.

We are pursuing an SQF level II certification this year and hope to get a level III certification next year. Every lot of sprouts is lab tested for food safety. We are currently following the FDA guidance document on sanitizing sprouts. All of these measures follow industry best practices. We are also certified organic by the Maryland Department of Agriculture. 

On top of all this we are using the next generation of hydroponic sprouting equipment. This allows us to implement further sanitation processes which are very effective and gentler on the product.

Potomac Sprout is also looking into developing our own patented process which will ensure an absolutely safe product.

Innovation and best practices come together at Potomac Sprout Company to make sure we are providing the safest and highest quality sprouts on the market.